Thursday, August 6, 2009

Is This Blog Dead?

The question was in a comment on my last (ooooold) post.
I'm simply reposting my reply here for those that are interested but might not check comments.
Short answer, no, not dead, just sleeping. If it wasn't nailed to the swing, it'd muscle right up to the bars and VOOM!
Not dead, just fallen on my priority list of things to do, right behind Find a Job, Raise my Kid, Spend Time with my Wife, and Actually Play WoW. There will be more, I promise. Right now, it's pretty boring on the money front. Collect Mail(sales and fails) Scan AH Post Glyphs (batch post) Rescan AH Buyout all Adder's Tongue below 19g and send to Main. Make Ink Craft any glyph with Undercut above 10g(10-20 ea) Send Glyphs and Snowfall Ink to banker Rescan, Repost I only craft new glyphs about once a week, maybe every other week, when I notice sales slipping due to reduced inventory. I only really "play" on Raid Night, once night a week, other times, I'm just checking AH for sales and relists. Otherwise, Real Life calls.
Alright, it wouldn't VOOM! if you put 10,000 volts through it, but it's not really dead, just resting. Sorry for any disappointment, but there'll be more. Eventually. ;-)


  1. Good to hear! And great Monty Python reference! :)

  2. This blog is watched, your readers miss you, post more!

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