Thursday, May 7, 2009

First Sales

Can you believe that? Oh, you didn't look at the screenshot did you? Ok, fine.
What I have:
  • 31g 96s 75g
Yep, from 35s to 31g in one overnight AH posting.
Yes, eggs for Children's Week did help. A little. But the big thing was the Light Leather.

Now, I still have some Silverleaf, Leather Scraps, Bloodthistle, Lynx Meat, and 6 more eggs on the AH. I cancel the Eggs because I'm being undercut and a stack of 6 is useless. Relist at undercut in singles.

The next thing I do is buy bags. I can't afford much, so I look for the sweet spot of slots per gold. I think that came in the shape of 12-slot bags. That took me down to 21g and wishing I could partake in a little conversion selling, but with not enough gold to feel comfortable doing so.

Next time: Opportunity Knocks.

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  1. Great blog so far!
    I hope this goes well for you!But beware I'll be folowing your ever move... ;-)