Tuesday, May 19, 2009

The Good, The Bad, and The Lazy

While reading a post over at One Copper I was struck by how much like-minded individuals can disagree over little things to do with making money in WoW, while agreeing, in general, with overarching strategies.

We'll take the three characters in my title in reverse order.

The Lazy
I've been very busy of late, and not much motivated to work very hard at this experimental character. As such, I'm taking the lazy way out by glomming on to Seth's gold-making journey over at One Copper.

The Bad
Here's where I disagree, at least in part, with Seth.
So what to do with Trade?
First make a macro!
typing = time consuming
time = money
typing = less money = less profit = BAD!
use the macro when you're in a capital city. once when you enter and once when you're about to leave.
I disagree. I prefer to type my wares manually. It's not that I like typing the exact same thing over and over again. I don't. But I like trying to catch people's eyes with my pitch. People see a lot of macroed sales lines, and often learn to filter them out. People generally don't filter out clever pitches. It could be just the split second of attention you need to hook a buyer, and that's extremely important. You see, there are two types of /trade sellers. First, and the type I tend to be, is someone willing to be patient and get the price they want, even if it takes several sessions or attempts. Second, folks that just want to sell they're wares so they can go do something else. Which leads us to...

The Good
Here's where Seth really nails it, and where so many people lose out on great moneymaking potential:
Learn to take a look at Trade (yes i know its disgusting but do it!) You'll see some poor snob spamming ah with: WTS 200 saronite bar or something alike. When selling by trade they expect to get rid of their goods, as fast as possible. Which means they are selling cheaper (and sometimes a lot!) then AH, which in turn means that you can sell them for more on AH... getting the point? (point = Profit!)
Remember my previous post on buying Eternal Fires and breaking them down to Crystallized Fire for some really good profits? While this can be done on the AH, depending on where you are on the normalization cycle, it is far, far more profitable to find some farmer dumping 10 or more Eternals in /trade. They will sell cheaper than the AH, you'll get a volume discount if you pitch it that way, and you can make 50% or more profit margin. Now, you can't dump them all at once or you'll normalize the price far too quickly, but you can trickle them into the AH for steady, easy, high profits.

But the main point is, don't /leave trade on your Banker/AH Mule. You never know when you'll find a great deal just waiting to be scooped up.

Thanks again to Seth of One Copper, both for the good post and for allowing me to be lazy.


  1. hehe ^^ Great Post!

    On the lazy piece:
    thank you for featuring me!

    On my Bad piece:
    I know what you mean. Personally, i macro more on a pvp or normal server and type a lot on an RP server. but ofcourse this is my personal taste, which can be off sometimes ^^

    on the Good:
    Great added info!

    Again, a great post and very clear to read,
    another thank you for featuring me!


  2. Trade has its cons and its pros.

    My biggest con wtih Trade is people expect the same price on TRADE as on AH, but they are desperate for the cash.

    Personally I list the item on AH and still advertise in TRADE for about half way between Bid and Buy out.

    Its a easy way of selling the items either quickly if trade accepts it or at least still making sure buyers somewhere else sees the items.

  3. Shh, don't give away my secrets!

    Trick: Go hang round trade saturday mornings or late sundays. Almost all of my profit comes from people dumping hordes of stuff and then reselling it at normal prices on AH. One guy was selling flasks for half the cost. Another guy was selling orbs 20% off. Another, iron bars half off.

    Also look at the neutral AH ocassionally. You can find some good deals there for sellers who come from a region of high supply/low demand, thus they sell it cheap for them, and still make a profit, then you go buy it, and make yet more profit on the markup.